HBI History

Hotel Brokers International…History Timeline
  • 2009    Celebrated 50th anniversary with election of Jeff Westgor, son of surviving founding member Wayne Westgor; Launched the Hotel Investor’s Marketplace conferences as a series of Webcast events delivering timely hotel investment data and trends
  • 2008    Sold 10,000th hotel, a $10.2 million package deal of two Holiday Inn Express hotels
  • 2001    Changed organization name to Hotel Brokers International (HBI) to reflect accelerating globalization of hotel real estate brokerage
  • 1997    Organization’s market share consistently between 40 and 50 percent of total hotels sold in U.S., markets itself as HMBA: America’s Hotel Broker
  • 1994    Introduced hospitality real estate investment conference series, Hotel Investor’s Marketplace with the first held in Atlanta; Launched Certified Hotel Broker (CHB) program, the industry’s only certification broker education program
  • 1992    Published first edition of TransActions by HMBA, an annual report on hotel real estate sales
  • 1990    Published first issue of Hotel Journal in a joint venture
  • 1986    Introduced a broker sales training program, reflecting the organization’s mission to maintain the highest standard of professionalism by focusing on continuing education
  • 1985    Launched a centralized computer system connecting the organization’s broker offices; changed name to Hotel & Motel Brokers of America (HMBA)
  • 1984    Elected the first international office to membership
  • 1983    Launched the Affiliate Membership Program, extending the organization’s reach to the universe of industry service providers
  • 1981    Established the headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri
  • 1978    Elected Helen Naugle as first female president of the organization
  • 1972    Awarded the organization’s first scholarship to School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University, in recognition of the importance of management development skills and leadership training in hospitality industry
  • 1963    Developed and launched formal PR program to introduce the investment industry to hotel brokerage as a highly specialized discipline
  • 1959    First professional organization of hotel brokers established, Motel Brokers Association of America, with eight founding members signing the original charter
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Hotel Brokers International sponsorship program is designed to meet specific promotional needs and budgets of hospitality service providers.

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Hotel Brokers International’s affiliate program positions hospitality service providers in the center of the largest, most comprehensive brokerage network in the industry.

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The industry’s only certification in hotel brokerage, designed to distinguish those who have advanced their professionalism and competence in hotel brokerage.

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